Used to work for Elder Sanchez (Colombian, who is acknowledged as one of the first & finest salsa instructors in Europe, UK. ) as well as assisting Cuban style salsa classes in UK. So, first she learnt Colombian style salsa, then Cuban style salsa in UK.
Then, traveling different countries by doing 2hours performing arts-singing and dancing on stages for a year.
After that lived in US and picked up LA style salsa.

2001, she came back to Japan and has been teaching Salsa and Latin Dance at night-clubs, sports gyms, dance studios, since then.

◆As a dancer◆
Collaborating guest dancers from Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican style salsa “Rumba de Fuego” by Raphael Pion).
” Shade of Passion” ( Hiphop + Salsa) which has invited as a guest performer for the biggest salsa festival in that time in Japan. (2004, Zep Tokyo)
” Alberto Romay Dance Company ” / ” Blanco y Negro ” ( Regetton) / ” Muchacha ” ( the height over 165cm big ladies team) / “Ajunicas Japan “
( ON2 ladies shine)

Also organizing her own students performance team:
” Bornacelli’s “( salsa Pair) / ” Tipsy Gypsy” (used to be ” Tom’s Hip Girls and Boys” ) which is a shine( individual) dance,
and since 2011 , she has started to teach salsa to elderly people ( over 65 to 90 years old) at day-care centers.

2004: Dinner show with Aya Sugimoto(well known actress) / performed with Marcia.
Invited to Thailand for salsa cursing as a guest dancer and an instructor.
2005: Japan & LA Salsa Congress
2006: Movie ” Music Cubana “
2007: Oscar D’Leon live ~Opening Act~
2008: Koria Salsa Congress
2008: on TV with comedian Kuwabata(Core Rythum)
2010: Garden Lunch Party with Hiroshi Kurosawa ( a singer)
2011: Hong Kong Salsa Congress


1998, She met Clemente Bornacelli, who is an established artist ( you could find more than 1200 pieces of his work , over 32 different countries, and also on a TV drama – CSI_NY)
Meeting with such a true & the greatest artist and working for him, she’s learnt lots about arts and techniques and life as an artist.

1999 Dec. Sold her first piece “La Primere”(2.13×1.22m)
2000 Apr. Exhibit「Authours Cafe Gallery」(AZ / US)
2001 Jan. Exhibit「Inglewood Inn-Resort and Spa」(SF / US)
2001 Aug. Exhibit「Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum」 (Tokyo / Japan)

currently she is still persisting to establish her own style and eyes open for something new, writing poems with her work. Selling her work mainly US and Japan.
She’s also started working as an art dealer to show such talented artists and art works to the world.

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